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It appears there's going to be a two hour maintenance window for LJ this Friday/Saturday, commencing at 10pm Pacific (6am Sat GMT), to deal with the various database-related problems we've all been experiencing, such as the dearly beloved "could not generate talk-id" and "database unavailable".

mycroftb spotted this Cadbury bunnies pic (not work-safe). Yes, she has company over. ^_^

Okay, Taiko no Tatsujin Portable has to rank as one of the Must Get titles for the PSP. It simply embodies such a spirit of fun and silly cuteness, in an extremely Japanese way; true, the whole thing's in Japanese, but if you stumble around the menus, you'll wind up somewhere fun, so who cares?

I noticed moves are afoot for a Wallace and Gromit statue to be erected in Aardman's home town of Bristol in their honor. ^_^

You should see this impressive sheet steel wolf sculpture. More photos here, too.

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The iTMS gained two notable additions the other day: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Not exactly cheap, as ever, but a step in the right direction - $1.99 for one episode, or $9.99 for a current episode and 15 future ones. (How much do folks pay for basic or premium cable plans now? Last time I went that route was nine years ago, back in San Diego, with Southwestern Cable, a remarkably non-evil cableco. Think that ran about $30, with the spread including goodies like NASA TV and The International Channel)

Gods, I wish I'd seen this Sack cartoon during the surreal time of Miers' SCOTUS nomination. (Collect the set!)

Quote for the day, on the topic of "Natural Cheetos": "What? These are not "Cheetos". I do not know what they are, but the same company cannot be making them. It is like going into the Apple store, buying a Mac, coming home, opening the box, and finding a kangaroo inside. It's just wrong. "Yes, ma'am, we do make computers, but we also make kangaroos, two-litre bottles, lichen, hope, and credit cards."

Egad. I think this room's showing tentative signs of organisation. At this rate, I'll actually be able to get a package or two sent out in the coming week, now that all the boxes and bubblewrap are in one column, DVD-Rs in another, DVDs safely stowed.. not that I'll be publishing any photos of it all just yet. ^_^

It's only masking a slightly tatty set of new offerings, but I was amused to see Orange's new calling plans are named after four different animals: dolphin, panther, canary, and raccoon.
It does depend, I suppose, on the monitor. When I first learned of VCD (given it's huge in Asia, but non-existent in the West, other than on the net or dodgy market bootlegs - silly, really, as it's a perfectly legitimate format, and brought folks over East the pleasure of rewind-free viewing of perfectly legal material years ahead of DVD's assumption to the Western media throne. Other than laserdisc, of course.. ah, that was a fun format. Not quite as portable, though :), I was quite sceptical - but it works fine on a TV. Indeed, even on an LCD at close quarters, a well compressed file can be fine - there, of course, the iTMS has the benefit of access to the original masters, as with their audio offerings.

(Gods, though.. those Doctor Who torrents I thought were flaweless on the 14" TV.. on Hyzenthlay, aren't quite so perfect :)

I may even give it a spin myself, particularly for TDS. Not sure what the DRM's like - I think it's similar to the music offerings, though I don't know if they can be exported to a "clear" format, à l'audio CD.

This is where I'm wondering if some folks' hopes for an Apple DVR are, as I read in a comment somewhere, misplaced - offering material online like this means we're finally seeing the emergence of a new means of distribution, separate from cable and satellite companies, TiVo works very well, but it's a solution to an existing paradigm (eek!) - no need to filter out ads if they're not present to begin with, or anything to do with time of transmission. Of course, that's all present with torrents now, and frankly, that's keeping up the pressure on these companies to actually make legitimate competitive offerings available. (We all want to see Jon Stewart able to keep himself in ties, after all :)
(Deleted comment)
True. I write out TDS onto DVD-R quite happily, even knowing I'll probably never watch the episode again, unless it happened to be an especially memorable one (I hope you caught the one just after Cheney's little "oopsie! Now I must keep the authorities away for the next fifteen hours!" incident.. needless to say, it's around here somewhere :). I was rather disappointed when I learned the iTMS video resolution was only that, but for something like TDS/TCR, I think I'd be fine. (Even aside from whatever the negotiations required, it does seem like 640x480 MPEG-4 is asking a bit much of an embedded device, whilst maintaining a sensible battery life. That said, it's still fairly amazing that 320x240 H.264 is feasible, with a battery less substantial than an After Eight mint, and much more bitter. Or so I would think)

And how long ago was it we had world-class computers owned solely by governmental institutions, spanning multiple rooms?

I keep wondering just how much more amazing it's all going to be in another few decades, assuming things don't go entirely pear-shaped in the meantime.