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It appears there's going to be a two hour maintenance window for LJ this Friday/Saturday, commencing at 10pm Pacific (6am Sat GMT), to deal with the various database-related problems we've all been experiencing, such as the dearly beloved "could not generate talk-id" and "database unavailable".

mycroftb spotted this Cadbury bunnies pic (not work-safe). Yes, she has company over. ^_^

Okay, Taiko no Tatsujin Portable has to rank as one of the Must Get titles for the PSP. It simply embodies such a spirit of fun and silly cuteness, in an extremely Japanese way; true, the whole thing's in Japanese, but if you stumble around the menus, you'll wind up somewhere fun, so who cares?

I noticed moves are afoot for a Wallace and Gromit statue to be erected in Aardman's home town of Bristol in their honor. ^_^

You should see this impressive sheet steel wolf sculpture. More photos here, too.

<td>Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us</td>

The iTMS gained two notable additions the other day: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Not exactly cheap, as ever, but a step in the right direction - $1.99 for one episode, or $9.99 for a current episode and 15 future ones. (How much do folks pay for basic or premium cable plans now? Last time I went that route was nine years ago, back in San Diego, with Southwestern Cable, a remarkably non-evil cableco. Think that ran about $30, with the spread including goodies like NASA TV and The International Channel)

Gods, I wish I'd seen this Sack cartoon during the surreal time of Miers' SCOTUS nomination. (Collect the set!)

Quote for the day, on the topic of "Natural Cheetos": "What? These are not "Cheetos". I do not know what they are, but the same company cannot be making them. It is like going into the Apple store, buying a Mac, coming home, opening the box, and finding a kangaroo inside. It's just wrong. "Yes, ma'am, we do make computers, but we also make kangaroos, two-litre bottles, lichen, hope, and credit cards."

Egad. I think this room's showing tentative signs of organisation. At this rate, I'll actually be able to get a package or two sent out in the coming week, now that all the boxes and bubblewrap are in one column, DVD-Rs in another, DVDs safely stowed.. not that I'll be publishing any photos of it all just yet. ^_^

It's only masking a slightly tatty set of new offerings, but I was amused to see Orange's new calling plans are named after four different animals: dolphin, panther, canary, and raccoon.
Argh! System error! Must log in to see Ms. Cadbury getting down with her bunny self! Don't have log in! Twitching! Must see.. chocolicating bunny.. getting weak.. eyes growing dim.. grandma.. I smell bread... (thud)

"Yes, ma'am, we do make computers, but we also make kangaroos, two-litre bottles, lichen, hope, and credit cards."

Thanks, I'll take two hopes. Oh, and a kangaroo in a two-litre bottle. But only if I get to watch you put it in there.
Thankfullly, you didn't say how much of the kangaroo had to be in the bottle.

I say we lobby Cadbury for a return of their true star. Wonder what Miriam Margolyes' reaction would be, after all this time? ^_^ Oh, such a voice.. !

And hey, maybe you could have a walk-on part!
Try this... Amazing what you can find on the web, isn't it? :D
BMN seems like rather a waste of time to me. It's more hassle to go and find a valid u/p through them than actually entering an email address on whatever site, be it a "real" one, a spare freebie, or a spamtrap, such with mytrashmail.com.

It's irritating that so many newspapers insist on registration, but, generally, I just skip to a source that's open instead, if it's something I really want to read. And, fair's fair, basic demographics are useful to them; as long as they don't use the address to spam away, I'm fine with it, so I signed up for a couple papers with genuine information. (The NY Times, f'rex, I think sent something like two messages in a year)
(Deleted comment)
Ah, true - some use email/password, but some do want a username. For insignificant purposes like that, I'd probably just use some random string - they don't care, after all, so long as there's just one person with that sequence. Indeed, I suppose one could use a disposable email address as the username - that's hopefully guaranteed to be unique. ^_^ (I did use BMN for a few local papers, where I only wanted to read a single article, unlikely ever to return there, but it's fairly rare for a story not to appear on the wires, and thus Google News and suchlike)

OmniWeb's nice about auto-filling username/password fields, thankfully, stored in the usual keychain, so they're accessible outside the app (with authentication, natch). I'll admit I often store useful passwords in plain text as well - if I lost Hyzenthlay, I'd be worrying about more than someone gaining my NYT access. :)

For the big papers, like latimes, nytimes, and washingtonpost, I'm sort of sympathetic, as I noted - it's surely not easy keeping Real Live Reporters on staff, and the introduction of the web complicates things a fair bit. ('Course, that doesn't explain why the NYT felt it appropriate to sit on the wiretapping story for a year..) Maybe I should subscribe to Guardian Digital when finances are back on a level footing. And Harper's, for that matter.

Still, it would be nice if papers granted open access, and just invited people to submit their age/gender/location, maybe with some modest prizes on offer. After all, commissioning a readership survey in the Real World™ is a several thousand dollar plus activity - far cheaper just to offer some free subscriptions and shiny things, one would suppose, assuming a capable webmaster.