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And here I am (or was, last night).. ^_^

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And here I am, 2,000 miles away. :(

Raise a pint for me, as I'm sure you will. ;)
Aaah! Poop. Don't suppose you might be in town before Aug 3?

And I shall be endeavoring to visit the Magnolia before very long. ^_^ brigus has indicated they're still worth patronising, despite that ill-advised remodeling of 2006.
It was still interesting as of spring 2008, but I hear they've remodeled yet again.

I'd be up for a pint of their IPA again. When will you be heading there?

Hopefully on a few occasions. ^_^ I should be getting my nasty little Nokia reactivated presently, if the battery's still good - sadly, it looks like open WiFi's much less common now, so I'm having to hunt around (given the astonishing roaming costs.. fancy £1.99/min for voice or £6/MB? Hee! No thanks =:) for access when wandering around.

We ought to meet, indeed, and pay homage to those faithful producers of hops. ^_^
An excellent idea! I have to make a little detour to San Jose tomorrow around lunch, another little detour to San Diego for the following week, and will be back in my little paradise thereafter and open to [what passes for] plans.

May I highly recommend, if you've not had the chance and have some travelability, becoming familiar with one of my local favorites while you're in the area.

Nope. I'll probably next be in San Francisco in September, to move my stuff from SF storage to Ohio house.
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It is. Oh, indeed it is. ^_^

(Even if only temporarily, but I'll be continuing to work on changing that - iPhone development seems like the most likely route, though gods know, the local employment situation's pretty grim, with a few very experienced friend finding it very difficult to land something new)

The sheer life in this place energizes me.. This is what life *can* be like!
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yay welcome to my home town :)
A wondrous locale, ne? ^_^
Where's that?
In yonder San Francisco, looking towards Coit Tower. ^_^
Ah! ^^
Heh. Just can't leave that city alone, can you? :)
*grin* If there's anywhere I belong, it's here, ne? ^_^
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Your google-fu is indeed mighty and potent. ^_^
I really rather liked the place when I visited!
I love it. The whole Bay Area's what I consider my home territory, but of all of it, the City's just perfect for me.. so much within not that big an area. I know how to get around, I know where to find out about things, and best of all, plenty of friends. ^_^

Of anywhere in the world, this is where I actually feel at home. ^_^
The San-Jose/Santa Clara area kind of reminded me of Slough tho...

I really want to go back there someday.
Maybe find something in the next week or so? =:)
Welcome! :D

Confession time: I live just 45 minutes from San Francisco, but haven't visited The City in well over a year. :O
Hmm. ^_^

Perhaps I can tempt you up sometime? Could be fun if I can manage to get a little meet together.. might you be interested? What sort of time restrictions would you have?

It has, certainly, been much too long since we last got together. ^_^;
Hey, Bunny!

Welcome back. Sorry I missed you the other night, but I really did not want to share my cold with you. (Okay, the real reason was that I was grumpy and had a backache and dind't feel like going out that late.)
Heya! **hug** Mm, it was getting on a bit, and I was a little tired myself by that point, having spent most of a full day flying and negotiating my passage into the US in Toronto. =:)

We must, of course, arrange getting together presently. ^_^ (Is there something like Fogo de Chão in the City yet?)

DId I miss the post where you said you were coming into town?

Are there any hang out nights in the works, or did I miss all of those too?
*giggle* Well, you know bunnies.. full of tricks. =:) I dropped a broad hint on Thursday, but that didn't seem to make any pennies drop. >grin<

Definitely, I'd love to get together! Any thoughts? Perhaps sushi would be a good idea. ^_^
sushi is always a good idea.

my celly is 415-SWINGER so we can better arrange some deetails.
Nice seeing ya today!
**hug!** Indeed so. ^_^ I do enjoy a good film, but it's so much more fun with good company. And you didn't get to actually behold the wonder of the Glaros in person. Yet. ^_^