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First things first: do we have any 8051 gurus in the house? I may well be wanting to pick your brains in the coming weeks, if so.. (alternatively, come along and pick up a full-time paycheck!)

Quite a wonderful Overheard in NYC entry, even if likely apocryphal. =:D

I really need to try tracking down more music from the Tanukis, and Tenfold Loadstar. Indeed, I've only heard one track by the latter, "Birdy" - a relatively mainstream piece, but just works nicely.

Amongst the things I'm most looking forward to bringing along to the new place (I've got one place keenly in my sights, but it remains to be seen what will come of the application - beautifully redone interior, with a pair of custom-sized black leather couches in the lounge, a kitchen I could get seriously busy in, a conservatory with all the afternoon lighting you could want, and even a modest garden with a barbecue alcove. Definitely somewhere I could enjoy coming back to and relaxing) are my media collection, keyboard (yay Logic Studio!), and tablet. Time may be in short supply now, but that kind of increased activity just sets off a cascade of little experiments and projects I'd like to try.. ^_^

And for those with literary leanings, the SL Book Fair 2008 will be held on Book Island and Publishing Island on April 25-27. "It's here again and this time bigger and better than ever! The 2007 fair saw 1400 visitors in three days, over 40 exhibitors and nearly 20 events. In 2008, we will be across two sims (eight times more land) with 50 exhibitors and 100 book related shops with around 50 events. SL Book Fair isn't just about books - exhibitors include writers, publishers, editors, bloggers and anything word related!"

MySQL 5.1 might hold modest gains for SL, too - plenty of bugfixes from 5.0, a selection of helpful new features, and a performance boost in the region of 20%.

Dinner - well, there were plenty of temptations in the supermarket - the jumbalaya looked quite decent, as did the king prawn masala - but I felt in more of a picnic mood, perhaps owing to the pleasant weather. Touring the cooked meats and prepared fish aisle convinced me..

Ham, marinated artichokes, a shellfish assortment, prosciutto, and Cornish brie, accompanied by a Westerham Brewery "Freedom Ale", dedicated to William Wilberforce, instrumental in the abolition of the British slave trade.

What need is there in describing it all? The British ham was excellent, suffused with a gentle honey sweetness and a juniper tang, and the demerera sugar in the beer complemented the moderately heavy maltiness and lingering Kentish hops beautifully. Even the bread was surprisingly good, even if nowhere near as vanishingly light as a genuine French baguette, with a strong crust. The brie, meanwhile, could easily hold its own against its more directly Gallic cousins, with the richness of flavor typical of Cornish dairy.

Is it any surprise I loved Ratatouille so much? ^_^

*full, happy bunny*
Accept no substitutes! =:D

(And having visited the Babelfish quickly, I see it - reasonably enough - means "raw". Best way of cooking meat or fish, I find =:)

(Deleted comment)
Absolutely fantastic wares, either way. =:9 I wonder if they have a map showing their spread - ISTR they've barely attempted to cross the Severn, either. Quite a pity, really; similarly for B&M, whom loganberrybunny's written positively of a few times, but they're in the opposite hole, barely present anywhere but Northern England. Tesco, Asda, and Morrisons are all perfectly good in their own ways, but as ever, the broader the choice, the better. ^_^

As it happens, I was looking up Waitrose recently, and there are apparently three Welsh branches: Monmouth, Abergavenny and Barry, the last two former Safeways. I note, however, that a Cardiff store is opening this summer.
Oh, there's one in Barry? Interesting. ^_^ Still, with any luck, I won't be local thereabouts again for a long while. =:) (Not to dismiss the region - I'm simply hoping I can play a key role in developing this company into something with a much greater turnover)

Cardiff I'm somewhat surprised they've not addressed directly until now, but perhaps Barry was their answer, up to now. The city does seem to be on quite an upswing (and I imagine the local tourism folks aren't unhappy with RTD =:), so there's probably a more vibrant economy than even ten years ago, as demonstrated by developments like the stadium, the CIA, and all around the bay.

Think I still prefer Wadebridge and San Francisco, though. And Sydney - very cool city. And Kuala Lumpur fits my chaotic side rather well, too. =:)

Hey, Bismuth is serious, and stuck up too! We're talking severe constipation here. ;-)
I dare you to make up a lolscience entry on the theme. =:D

(Wow.. fairly scary reading, for something so commonplace, ne? Contradindications including flu, lest one wind up with Reye's syndrome, though that seems to be more of a problem with rugrats. Android bodies would be so much simpler; but some kind of hybrid structure resulting in living latex would be even more fun)
On the latter topic: I was just watching Ghost in the Shell today. :-)
Now there's a fun flick. ^_^ Kenji Kawai's soundtrack worked so well, too.

Though (of course) the thought occurs.. if they're too heavy to be able to swim, are they also too weighty to enjoy *cough* intimacy with unconverted humans? Still, once all that tech's in place, there'd be nothing to say one's body would have to be human, ne?
I'm much more familiar with AVRs than 8051 flavors, but I'm curious to hear the questions, even if (as is likely true) I have no ideas about them.
You're on. ^_^ It'll probably be a couple weeks before we get into 8051 coding, but it's likely to be a fairly intensive introduction for myself and the other programmer here..

How have you got along with the AVRs? We're likely to use one in another forthcoming project. The specs certainly look quite impressive, with that range of embedded peripherals, and what sounds like an ARM-inspired architecture at the core.

I've gotten on real well with them! The free tools basically make sense, too, which is a major bonus. I've done one reasonably sized project using Atmel's assembler, and another rather larger one using gcc/gas/avrlibc.

Anyway, the point is that the architecture is so nice that if you have some individual stuff you need to rewrite in assembly, the assembly language is very nice and there aren't any crazy segmented address space worries.
Mmm, that food looks lovely.
It was. ^_^ The ham was perhaps the best, with those mingling flavors working so well, but each was a nibbler's delight. ^_^ If anything, the problem was keeping them separate - the ham and artichokes worked fine together, but they were each so delicious independently I just wound up enjoying mouthfuls of each in succession, rather than together.
It's a shame that Linden made the poor decision to select MySQL in the first place. Their MySQL-based asset server has long been a source of frustration and now every time I log in, I get some debug message telling me of an item in my inventory that 'disappeared' from the asset server. MySQL is nowhere near as rock-solid as PostgreSQL. MySQL might be faster in a stock installation but PgSQL has far more configuration options that can make it run circles around MySQL in nearly any situation.
Oh, no question about it. The early developers could surely write a Stephen King-sized tome on how they'd design SL's internals if they knew then what they know now. 'Course, it's a hairy problem to address, given how crucial the ass-hat server is to SL's proper functioning - imagine the chaos if they tried transitioning and any kind of glitch occurred, whether a plain ole bug, or worse, something that would only make itself known in high load conditions.

The indication was that 5.1 will help scalability somewhat, so there might be a modicum of relief to be found there, assuming LL do make that switch. Of course, we're assuming they're not running something from v2 or so.. =:)

And then there's the two competing engines destined for v6, though I suppose it'll be at least a year or so until they're ready for prime-time, and likely a similar period before LL could feel safe in proceeding with another such fundamental change. Some good test rigs on the beta grid might help (indeed, I'd imagine they operate such already), basically emulating a busy av being given massive inventory, giving it away, and so on.
I just don't think MySQL 5.1 will be much better. I played with an early beta release of it for my little usenet 'aggregator' script which collected about 15gb of data. Both MyISAM and InnoDB engines produce a fixed number of files that infinitely grow and shrink as needed (well, except InnoDB which uses one file that grows but never shrinks, and occupies over twice the space that MyIsam does for the same data).

Partitioning is pretty handy, in special cases. It divides up a single table transparently into multiple tables based on an indexing criteria and it is entirely independent of the db engine (it works with MyISAM or InnoDB or Falcon). The limitation is that once you partitioned a large table into 10 partitions based on the value of 'id', if you were to query that table on some other key, it needs to scan 10 separate indexes. PostgreSQL doesn't need to do this since by default, it splits data across files no bigger than 1gb.

The Falcon engine was unusable in the beta release I played with as it crashed every single time I tried to import any significant amount of data into it. I'm sure that has since been fixed but the wikipedia entry still links to benchmarks from a year ago that show Falcon's performance trailing way behind InnoDB and MyISAM on many instances.

It shouldn't be complicated to transition from MySQL to PgSQL because MySQL only supports a small fixed set of data types, while PgSQL provides all of MySQL's data types and infinitely more. There are scripts that will automatically convert any MySQL dump to PostgreSQL. PgSQL has geographic datatypes and reclustering which could allow Linden to physically re-order all asset data on disk by it's physical in-world location.
Whoa... how many items do you have on your dock?! That meal looks really nice too... you'll have to invite me to your next one ;)
Perhaps a few too many? ^_^; Let's see.. Finder, Mail, OmniWeb, Safari, Firefox, QT Player, iTunes, DVD Player (could drop that, given how rarely I play physical DVDs), MplayerOSX, VLC, Terminal, Maya, Poser, Corel Painter Essentials, ZBrush, Episode Pro, Vue 5 Infinite, Wings3D (which we might wind up using in the office for CAD, and I'll probably get into for SL sculpties =:), Final Cut Pro, Reason, Logic Pro, Kontakt, Absynth, CS-80V, Audacity, FFmpegX, HandBrake, Calculator, GraphicConverter, BOINC, iPhoto, Dashboard, System Prefs, Time Machine, TextEdit, iChat, Toast, Vienna, SL (twice =:), Azureus, Absolute Shisen-Sho, Big Bang Reaction, Google Earth, iCal, Console, Renamer4Mac, Preview, Keychain Access, Disk Utility, Big Clock, and Xcode in the applications section..

.. then my current (ie next) LJ entry, addresses, top images, SL pics, SL locations to visit, Animal Crossing: Wild World FAQ, unfiled bookmarks, unsorted music, misc downloads, and a protocol document for the office in the documents section. ^_^;

I can definitely see myself hosting a barbecue or two if I land this house.. mmm, barbecued king prawns, brussels wrapped in bacon.. :-9

*tummy growls*

You have a lot of software I'm kinda envious of, though most of it I'd probably do very little with. Like Logic Pro... it looks fantastic, but all I'd ever do is twiddle a few virtual knobs and bang out a few sounds and then be done with it :P
Hmmm, how does one eat artichoke hearts? I've seen them around, but never picked up any, 'cause they sound somewhat unappealing for some reason.

(Also, damn you for making me hungry. We have no good food in the apartment. Rawr)
They're tasty by themselves, though the marinades tend to be oil-based. They're great as a pizza topping, or as part of a sandwich, alongside ham and brie. I'd imagine they'd go well with pasta, too, chopped up a bit.

Surely this is where the local pizza emporium comes to the rescue. ^_^ Mmm, I could just go for a good Italian style pizza tonight.. well, I think so at the moment, anyway. Maybe I'll give Picasso's a try - their menu looked quite appealing, and it's been an age since I last had a proper Italian style pizza, freshly prepared. (Though I can work wonders with something frozen!)

Aye, would have hit the local pizza emporium, but it was raining and nearing 3 AM at that time...
Shirley that's when you call them up and arrange delivery? Unless they stop delivering after a certain hour, of course, or you're outside their delivery range. Hopefully the pizza's good, at least - takes so little to make an ordinary pizza really good, but so many places can't really be bothered.
Which 8051 variant are you using? Cypress, Dallas, etc.? I've worked with quite a few of them over the last decade or so.

Feel free to fire your questions my way.

Glad to hear things are going well for you. :-D

Take care
It's actually one of TI's beasties, enhanced in what are probably quite routine ways: single cycle execution, no need for memory regions, etc. I've not looked at the sheets yet, as there's plenty to be done on the current project, to get that all wrapped up and shining for its early demos. It'll be a very busy time, but rewarding.. ^_^

I'll spend a few days panting at the end of it all, and then set about delving into your '51 knowledge - hopefully not too many nightmares to be found. =:)

Great to hear from you! Hope things have improved since the Chennai encounters.
Hey Porsupah, is my e-mail address' domain (shaw dot ca) blocked at your end? I tried to send a message to ringtail and I've been getting bounce messages telling me there's some sort of delivery problem.
No need to worry - I'm just shifting servers, so for now, the usual email's down. (If in doubt, my LJ email address always works - when anything changes like that, I keep it pointed towards a live account) With any luck, everything'll be back in a day or two, on a shiny new furry server. ^_^