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Furry TF alert in Dandy & Company. ^_^ And a different kind of TF (worksafe!) that, say, relee amongst others might enjoy. And a rather cool Flash short, Aladdin 3150, as found by rabitguy.

As El Reg pointed out, this auction for invisibility is quite a gem. ("Note: The Secret of Invisibility is intended for MORAL PURPOSES ONLY") And as a bonus, you get "Secrets of Sexual Seduction" and "The Wizard's Book of Animal Secrets", the latter of which makes many a wonderful claim, including "Controlling snakes, bees, gnats, houseflies", "Teaching your dog to walk & dance on stilts", and "Keeping a squirrel in your pocket".

Please enjoy The Chemical Brothers: The Salmon Dance, in HD. ^_^

Lamp of joy.

However, if you'd prefer some really bad music (in suitably YouTube quality), give Video Games a try. You won't regret forget it.

Have some free plugins! KVR Audio's Developer Challenge just closed for entries, with voting commencing on the 17th.

Logic Pro 8 is now out, as part of Logic Studio, for $499, down from LP7's tag of $999. Interestingly, one of the headline points made is "XSKey-free operation. A simple serial number replaces the USB dongle and lets you make music without the hassle of extraneous hardware." Logic Express 8, meanwhile, goes from $299 to $199. (Main difference is the lack of surround channel support, otherwise it's almost identical in capability)

From Forbes, "Is Sex Necessary?": "Seminal plasma contains zinc, calcium and other minerals shown to retard tooth decay. Since this is a family Web site, we will omit discussion of the mineral delivery system. Suffice it to say that it could be a far richer, more complex and more satisfying experience than squeezing a tube of Crest - even Tartar Control Crest." (And let's not forget the MP3 vibrator, complete with internal microphone. Only 64MB, though. Why am I reminded of Invasion of the Bunnybots' uploaders? =:)

Well worth a read - Vanity Fair ran an article examining press coverage of Gore's 2000 campaign, and some of the main themes that appeared in that time. Impressively, many of the journalists and editors referred to join in this retrospection; some feel their writing was perfectly justified, some, less so.

On Friday, the California senate approved same-sex marriage by 22 votes to 15, in Mark Leno's AB43, the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act. It's reasonable to expect the Governor to veto the bill, being a Republican; which is not to say you shouldn't let him know your feelings on the matter.

The IAEA chief on Iran: 'Alluding to that U.S. position, ElBaradei warned against rhetoric that is "a reminder of pre-war Iraq" in comments to reporters in Vienna. "We have not seen any weaponization of their program, nor have we received any information to that effect - no smoking gun or information from intelligence," he said. "Based on the evidence, we have, we do not see ... a clear and present danger that requires that you go beyond diplomacy.'

Good little piece from Reuters on the OpenSim project, which has been developing an open source, unofficial sim server compatible with the normal SL client. It's still immature, but there's heavy development going on. Perhaps, as the article alludes, this will also spur the release of LL's own server code. Of course, the big question will then be whether such servers can interconnect, and, how their economies would be verified - if you run your own asset server, you could simply give yourself any amount of currency.

A good, brief dKos posting on the apparent changes underway in ocean circulation patterns.

rigelkitty noticed a number of furry-related movies in production, of which three particularly caught my eye:

- Hoodwinked 2: Hood vs. Evil: "Red Riding Hood is training in the group of Sister Hoods, when her and the Wolf get called over to examine the sudden mysterious missing of Hensel and Grendel." If you've not seen the first one, give it a try. The CG's deliberately made to look as if stop-motion models were used, rather than aiming for Pixarian perfection - simpler, and a lot cheaper. It works, too, and the writing holds it up well.

- The Tale of Despereaux: "The tale of three unlikely heroes - a misfit mouse who prefers reading books to eating them, an unhappy rat who schemes to leave the darkness of the dungeon, and a bumbling servant girl with cauliflower ears - whose fates are intertwined with that of the castle's princess."

- Tortoise vs. Hare: "A mock documentary take on Aesop's fable of the race between the slow, steady tortoise and the quick but overconfident hare", from Aardman Animation.

patch_bunny discovered some delightfully shiny fursuit parts, such as these pig trotters, or these adorable fox paw stockings; a good companion to one of my favorite TF tales, sockscatt's Bandit and Skids.

One thing I'll always remember Spain for is introducing me to the joy of apricot jam. Sure, there's no shortage of oranges in the country, and indeed, there was a modest grove just by the villa we had, when I was a leveret. But apricot jam, a little butter, on a roll fresh from the baker.. cheap heaven. ^_^ (Though it's Germany I think of more for bread, those fabulous scents coming from the bakers in the morning)

So, time for me to update the PSP's firmware, I felt - and the newest version seems to be 3.52 M33-4. All went swimmingly, and I can now run Ratatouille, which is adorable - it's essentially a 3D platformer, but particularly well realised. Plenty of subtle touches in the animation, with the original voices in the occasional spoken part. Camera motion's a bit unhelpful at times, but that's a perennial issue with the genre. Using the nub of joy as movement controller works well, even if I find myself wanting SL-style freedom of camera control.

On the homebrew front, there's an increasing supply of handy apps, such as PSPTube, for browsing YouTube videos without needing to convert the FLV files, and PSPPDF, a simple, elegant PDF viewer. Unfortunately, it seems Google's deprecated the old YouTube API, in favor of one that doesn't currently require a developer account. Trouble is, PSPTube requires one, and they're seemingly no longer being issued. Should only be a matter of a little time until the developer shifts the application over - it's under active development.

No matter. I have Mulligatawny soup in the fridge. (There's something I need to try learning about, and cooking from the Indian subcontinent in general; my own cooking tends more towards East Asian, though it's as much of a mongrel as can be. I just paint with flavors, and usually, interesting things come about =:)

An albino dolphin.

patch_bunny noticed this Colorado quarter: Land of SUV. =:)

What happens when you roll a drum containing 20,000lb of sodium into a lake? This.

Is this article on Philip Linden more notable for coining the "phipple", or the note of "preferring to re-drop the already-made hint that the server code will be open-sourced within a year"? (Which would tie in with their recent launch of SecondLifeGrid.net, aimed at drawing a distinction between the world of SL, and the underlying platform)

'On April 23, 2006, CBS's "60 Minutes" interviewed Tyler Drumheller, the former CIA chief of clandestine operations for Europe, who disclosed that the agency had received documentary intelligence from Naji Sabri, Saddam's foreign minister, that Saddam did not have WMD. "We continued to validate him the whole way through," said Drumheller. "The policy was set. The war in Iraq was coming, and they were looking for intelligence to fit into the policy, to justify the policy."

Now two former senior CIA officers have confirmed Drumheller's account to me and provided the background to the story of how the information that might have stopped the invasion of Iraq was twisted in order to justify it. They described what Tenet said to Bush about the lack of WMD, and how Bush responded, and noted that Tenet never shared Sabri's intelligence with then Secretary of State Colin Powell. According to the former officers, the intelligence was also never shared with the senior military planning the invasion, which required U.S. soldiers to receive medical shots against the ill effects of WMD and to wear protective uniforms in the desert.'

It's most disheartening to see Good Vibrations experiencing a cashflow crunch, apparently due to pyramid schemes and an alteration to Google's ranking system; their stores are fine, at least. [Edit: the article's since vanished]

The World Service took a look into SL recently. "Hear Madz as she is teleported by her guides into a wonderful world of roses, latin lovers and cruise ships crewed by people in fox form." and "Some groups say they have benefited from Second Life. Simon Stevens has cerebral palsy and runs a successful business online, Madz asked him what kind of liberties Second Life gives the disabled?"

Apparently, Mizuho Bank will be opening in SL soon, with the prospect of linking in-world transactions to RL accounts under consideration. More fun, though, might be the hoverboard track (with free rental) in Virtual Akiba, a recreation of Akihabara, covering two sims.

For a company so proudly crowing of its talent, why does Google's resumé screening suck quite so much? Bad enough it fails to go through the sausage machine without choking it, but at least they notify you of their failure - followed promptly by a bouncy acknowledgement that they've received your application.

What happens when you roll a drum containing 20,000lb of sodium into a lake?

Whoo! That's what sodium metal is for! ;-)

Now, was it an alkali lake before they started doing this? It certainly would be afterwards...
It's a pity they didn't take any reaction shots of the team involved. I know I'd've been grinning like a loon. =:)

Wonder what that lake's like now? Maybe there's an annual Sodium Festival. ^_^

Were you a 'leveret' when you were in Spain?  I would have expected firefox cub.
Awwwww. ^_^ I do agree with Mr Gaiman's sentiments - the world could only be a much better place, were everyone to be in the intimate presence of red pandas regularly.

I was thinking more along the lines of, say, the way that replacing a LiveJournal icon with a new design also effects that same icon throughout the past. Were one to think of linear time, I'm not quite sure what I'd have been - possibly a dolphin, though my first deliberate choice of species was from Alan Dean Foster's Thranx books, something of an anthro insectoid. =:)

(Ye gods.. Firefox has been around how long, and people are still commenting that it's not a fox, but a red panda?)

Hee hee, your posts are always so big and complicated.

Those gloves and booties you showed were both made by Crafty Coyo Costumes months ago. They've got other stuff too.


Also they're the ones who made my toon gloves, you've probably seen those on my FA.
*giggle* I try to make posts of some meaning. ^_^ More Westvleteren Abt.12 than Budweiser Lite. =:) I feel I should spend more time offering analysis, where appropriate, but even now, detailed online research is a laborious task, trying to sift out the requisite data from the regurgitated newswires that echo all around. Still, I try to share things I've found notable in some way or other - politically significant, maybe, or just plain shiny. It's all part of what makes me tick. ^_^

Oh, indeed, I looked around his gallery a bit - I thought those conveyed the mittens and stockings well, by way of example. I need to drop him a line, and find out what kind of fabric was used in the mittens, in particular - seems to have some weight to it, like luge suit fabric, but moreso.

So tempting to dream of a full 'suit made using such.. it'd surely be impractical to wear anywhere warmer than Nunavut, but still.. ^_^ (Not that ordinary fursuits (so to speak) are great for releasing heat, of course - which doesn't make furdances any less fun!) After all, if necessary, a circulatory cooling system is an option - fiddly, but quite affordable and practical to construct.

The gloves! Wow, it's been a while since you mentioned those, ne? Or am I thinking of someone else.. maybe otter3? I'm horribly backlogged on FA at the moment - I've not really checked there in a couple months. (Hence any links there coming to me by recommendation rather than personal exploration)

Well I had intended to photograph myself wearing my new gloves and the clothes I bought at that time, but never did it. It's too much bother to excavate a digital camera and all the stuff that goes with it.

And the material they use is spandex backed PVC, it breathes well and is shiny and soft. As for full suits, you can ask Rael. ^.^

I'm pretty sure any suit would be tolerable as long as you wear one of those neck-mounted cooling devices. They lower the temperature of the blood flowing through your neck, which uses your own circulatory system to cool your whole body.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Note that down in your copy book. ^.^
Have you thought of applying for the position of Surgeon General? =:D

(Myself, I prefer softer bristles. And there is such a thing as too broad a head)

BTW, in that icon, why "jomo!", and how's that pronounced - English, Spanish, or German "j"?

"JoMo!" is a common handle of mine, being a truncated blend of my actual first and last names. I first used it around 1991 because an inordinate number of people seem to have trouble remembering my given name, and I've since noticed it pop up everywhere online.
I find it punchy and memorable enough, which is probably why when I go to claim it as a username (like on LJ), somebody's usually beaten me to it. So here alone I'm 'palabrajot'.
Jo.Mo pronunciation key: both are long O, stress first syllable, garnish plate with mango purée drizzle and chill. Serves four.
Oh, and yes, a 'hard' or English J, like in Joe Moe.

Trust me to avoid the question entirely. ^.^
Ahhhh. One less mystery in the world. ^_^

That's something I've always liked about furrydom - quite an ancillary aspect, but furry names tend to be unique, with no need to think about which $NAME someone's referring to. Handy for a bunny brain, you know.

Oh, that's irksome.. your LJ namesake seems to be but an abandoned placeholder. Do free accounts ever get purged for inactivity? (I suppose they might be using it purely for commenting, but I'd have expected some kind of flist, in that case)

I keep thinking about that delivery mechanism. Must be a bunny thing. :-9
Awright, Cruise! I've got that comic! Wish I had the one where he has his troll character stab the Meese Commission on Pornography to death... in a burlap sack... and then screws the holes...
"Me cumming while spurting! Whoopeee!*
Oh yeah, I have that one too. Me and a buddy used to get much mileage out of the Creepy Snuff Porn strip.

*puts on Flipper* Sheeeza Sex-Bomb Bay Beeee Yaaaaahhh!"

I grew up in a record/bookstore with an owner who had original Freak Bros, like San Fran Freeps from the 60's. Yeep! Comics have died mon. I've stopped even trying to do more than fill a few holes in the collection here and there, and that's a rarity too.
Great woofie pic = new wallpaper! Sharp! And as for that Forbes article...

"Physics is like sex. Sure, it may give some practical results, but that's not why we do it."
- Richard Feynman

Bill gots yer number!
Of course, it would've been perfect had the star being more lapine in nature, but so it goes. =:)

Gods, Feynman was one of a kind.. such a brilliant mind. Not just highly capable in his field, but crucially, so adept at conveying his knowledge to others - a rare combination.

Will we be seeing you modelling some shiny paws in the future? ^_^

I'd love to hear his lecture series' but probably way over my head. On the other hand... Yes, I don't think anything is necessarily unexplainable, just needs to be done the right way. I think I'm fairly good at it too. You know when you've blown someone's mind with the double-slit experiment (and implications!)
Oh, yes. It's such a simple experiment, so easily visualised and proven. Once you've taken that on board, one's worldview is never quite the same again. (Of course, most people's is constantly changing anyway - a perspective I particularly appreciated seeing expressed in Invasion of the Bunnybots. If you've not read that story, I can easily send it along)

Come to think of it, that's something I should watch sometime - a Horizon documentary from 1981 by/on him, "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out". Assuming that DVD-R's intact.. definitely not a guaranteed preservation medium. :-P (In a perfect world, I'd be able to have everything online on a small tower of hard drives, with mirroring RAID in effect. I'd still want to write to DVD-R as a backup, of course) Maybe I can try squishing that down into a manageable size, for when you're next in town.

I've got that documentary, only one I've got! If I'm ever near any bandwidth ever again (seems unlikely sometimes) I'll have to dig around for the audio lectures.

And yah, the worlds info all in a gleaming crystal cube. Lovely!
I wrote that story. :) I'll revise it (I'm a better writer now than I was twelve years ago) and post it again sometime this Summer. It will be Googleable the moment it's up.
Ye gods and little fishes! It's good to see you back! I suppose I have to ask - is the previous account abandoned? And are the matters mentioned toward the end now ameliorated?

I'm very pleased to hear the story'll be returning, needless to say. It remains a favorite, for exploring the inner self during a transformation exceptionally well - not merely describing the changes, but how they might actually feel.

What else have you been up to? I'd love to hear you've written more since. ^_^
Erf, just watched the Sodium video. Sidelines: "FUCKING COOL!" "Hey, another beer here... Oh shit check that!!!" and definitely Yee-haw!!!

As for the modeling, damn, should update that cheesecake portfolio eh? Too bad I don't have the tan I'd like but um, I could have five kittens crawling over me... *wink*
I really wish they'd had a camera on the crew. =:D (Though perhaps that wouldn't have been in keeping with house style. Got to love those immaculately starched newsreel voices, though I suppose nothing beats Pathé in that department)

Thinking about it, you even live in the perfect climate to consider a full 'suit (is it correct to call it a fursuit if there's no fur?) out of those gorgeously glossy materials. Maybe could add fur for headfur and tail.. might make quite a neat contrast. And then there'd be no need to consider the tan at all. ^_^

I might have to give a try myself at making similar paws.. the key would be getting hold of a suitably studly serger, able to sew between such thick layers. Then again, would something like that be sewn, or glued?

Five kittens and a.. hm. Would you go for a feline form, you think, or something else, such as - oh, I don't know.. a lapine? =:)
Vinyl glossy um, eep! Gives too much sense of water and kitty dinna like water! Now leather is another thing. Aww! Paint a picture! I'd love to model a full suit (my eventual) in jeans, leather jacket and kittens. Rawr!

Well, how about chapter four of the aforementioned Bandit & Skids? That might be a TF you could realise. :-9 (And for bonus points, commission Bob Bassett for the mask =:)

But the scene you envision would be a joy to behold as well. ^_^ What species are you thinking of - leopard or tiger, maybe? Or possibly even cheetah..
Oh I could never be anything but myself, and hey that's saucy enough anyways!
That GV link is no longer valid - pyramid schemes??
How curious! Still, not to worry.. the thrust of the editorial in question was that they were having a bit of a tight time at the moment with their online store, due to places like Amazon entering the market, with gigantic economies of scale on their side, and yet another Google pageranking realignment, apparently leaving their results a few pages in.
I knew there was a reason you kept me around! I'm a fettish-plugger!

no, wait, I meant that as... hey! Wait!
*giggle* Hopefully you won't stop giving more cause for such plugging. =:)

Actually, has there been any new writing lately? I may well have missed it, especially if you've announced it on FA - I'm ridiculously backlogged there at the moment, but hopefully I'll be back to real time today or tomorrow.

Hmm. Wonder how difficult it'd be to design a slave rabbit av.. :-9

Probably a heck of a lot easier than it'd be to design the "slave rabbit" leather suit I saw in my head when I wrote it. :)

I still like a lot of the 1-liners I included in those stories.
I thought the animation in Hoodwinked was very ordinary, but it more than made up for it in the writing.

And as for sex being necessary: Who would have thought that all this time I was just looking after my dental hygiene? ;)
Very much so. They obviously realised their budget was comparatively tiny, and went with a deliberately simple look, spending time on the story and casting instead. What a concept. ^_^ (Patrick Warburton as the wolf was just inspired)

There's got to be a brilliant Public Service Announcement in there somewhere.. maybe a bunch of still photos, dissolving into each other sequentially, showing people *ahem* enjoying each other's company, joined after a few seconds by the voiceover. "What do all these people have in common? *long pause, more happy people* Yes, that's correct. They're all *cut to gleaming smile* taking care of their teeth."

so THATS why my teeth arent falling out of my head...
who knew o.0
You'd think there'd be advisory posters in dentists' offices to that effect. =:D
I can imagine it now...
"Suck a dick first thing in the morning AND before you go to bed for healthy teeth and gums!"

...Thatd be so much more fun than brushing..
You, sir bunny, rawk on so many levels it is obscene.

I had no idea! Forgive me for not falling to my knees at your delicious feet sooner?
*eep* >giggle<

I'm just this bunny, you know? ^_^ I like to share in conversations about things, people, events, and ways I've seen or heard of, and thus these ephemeral multimedia emporia. =:)



Oh, gods.. that's got to be one of the most adorable examples of lapine photography I've seen. ^_^ I found a slightly higher res version on the photographer's profile site, though still only VGA-ish size - but that hardly matters. I'd be tempted to enquire about a poster-sized print, but I'd probably wind up spending half the day gazing at it. ^_^;

Hey ho. QUick question.... That Red Riding Hood pic there... where'd you find it? I'd love to find a larger version and/or the artist responsible.
Sorry about the slight delay. ^_^ I can't recall where I saw it originally, but it appears to've been a piece created for a Brazilian advertising campaign.
This is the only hit on all of google for "Invasion of the Bunnybots" ugh. Why doesn't that story have a million and one sequels?
Indeed, it's still one of the very best TF stories out there, as it focuses on the mental changes, rather than simply the physical side - how might someone actually be changed so fundamentally? Rarely do authors dare take on the weightier psychological issues, and explore means of transitioning into a new life's way of thinking.

Superb choice of target species, too. =:)

I wrote that story. :) I'll revise it (I'm a better writer now than I was twelve years ago) and post it again sometime this Summer. It will be Googleable the moment it's up.