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arakinuk pointed out the trailer for Rayman Raving Rabbids, coming out for the Wii. ^_^

This exhibition, running June 24th to July 2nd in NYC, might be worth checking out - rather a cool style of artwork, reminiscent of Mexican folk art meeting traditional Japanese painting. And it features quite a few bunnies. How can you go wrong?

Another wonderfully useless hack: Backlight CPU Monitor. Does just what it says - varies the brightness of the keyboard backlighting according to CPU load. ^_^ So, of course, it evolved.. into iSpazz, an iTunes plugin. Press "I" when it's active, and the display backlight joins in too. ^_^ This is quite possibly the greatest advance in computing history. HISTORY, I say! *shakes carrot*

For some reason, "Earzilla" amuses me greatly.

Anyone know if there's a TV spot based on this advert? ^_^ (And here's a closeup of the flag, not absolutely worksafe =:)


I'm not sure I should really mention this, given it portrays bunnies as villains, but Psycho Bondage Bunnies is a Flash game wherein you play Delectra, a dominatrix, out to save your baby Bunny Robot from the evil maligned leather & metal-clad trio. And there's a sequel, too..

Unicorn vs Narwhal.

Yay! 'Vinyl powered' Bunnybot t-shirt.

Good to see.. with the release of Shake 4.1, it's become a Universal Binary, and had its price cut from $3000 down to $500. As for its future, apparently development on the existing code's been halted, in favor of a new direction, codenamed Phenomenon, possibly based on a combination of Shake, Motion, and Chalice.

As quite a few of the early Doctor Who adventures were lost or disposed of, the BBC's taking a different tack in bringing The Invasion back to the screen - by commissioning the missing visuals from episodes one and eight as animation, from Cosgrove-Hall. The teaser suggests they may've done a rather good job.

I couldn't help but think of poor wolff_slaven's net.connection on seeing this Bunny strip. ^_^

Courtesy of the ever educational nicodemusrat, I was impressed that "bitten by rat" receives its own code in the WHO's ICD-10, specifically, W53. (Most of us have to make do with the generic W55)

Speaking of screensavers again, another I can recommend is Plasma Tunnel, rather like the wormhole the Tardis is seen tumbling through in the recent opening titles. And Electric Sheep is one that alters based on popularity across the userbase. "Anyone watching one of these computers may vote for their favorite animations using the keyboard. The more popular sheep live longer and reproduce according to a genetic algorithm with mutation and cross-over. Hence the flock evolves to please its global audience." One user even made some of it into a music video. ^_^

You've doubtless seen the news, but it appears to be for real: more Futurama! An initial order of a 13-episode season, for Comedy Central, not Fox, due in 2008.

.. and via patch_bunny:
"The safari park baboons now prefer pinching flags to windscreen wipers"
I'm glad I waited for the Rayman video to appear. I almost switched the page off when I saw video of shark things swimming around some bloke. I thought they meant Rayman was the human guy! ^_^;; I almost cried through wanting to see our limbless buddy again so much.
Oh! You mean their annoying interstitial advert? ^_^;

The Wii does look like it'll have one of the best set of launch titles in a long time, ne? (And as I recall, there's another Animal Crossing on the way for it, too. Hopefully they'll pay attention to polishing up the AI side of things, maybe enlarging the size of the village) It'll be the first "desktop" console I'll be buying since the Genesis. The 3DO doesn't really count, given that was all supplied by the office. ^_^
I'd love to play Super Smash Bros Brawl. I'm a Pikachu-lover because he has thundershock and I'm crap at close-up melee. :)

I asked my mate last night whether I could have a new console. He said he wouldn't stop me having fun if I wanted to. Then I spoke to another friend and he said he'd applied to work in a games shop so he'd see what he could do for me if he got the job. Wheee! ^_^
Yay Pikachu! So, which would you most want to be? ^_^ I think I might get along quite well as Mew. Or Mewtwo. =:)

Oo, let's hear it for employee discounts. ^_^ I could imagine there's not much retailer margin on the consoles, though, so much as the games. (Wonder what's coming in the next-gen handhelds.. hopefully there will be a PSP2. Not that it'll happen, but a UMD recorder would be fun - but memory sticks can be reused, so it's probably much simpler to go that route, given the big benefit of UMD is lots of data that can be mass replicated for very low cost. Indeed, Sony's own MPEG-4 video recorder spurts out data onto memory sticks, but hobbled by "thou shalt not copy this" flags. Such a pity - Sony's got unquestionable hardware design skills, but being such a vertically integrated company forces divisions to be pit against one another)

I've got to get Daxter and Loco Roco when I'm next able. ^_^ Though maybe even higher priority would be that flash replacement board, to be able to hack around with the PSP's firmware freely. :-9
I'd most want to be Link, for sure. He's a multi-skilled hero. Bombs, bows, swords, bombchus, hookchains, boomerangs, catapults, jumping, transformation, Din's Fire, even ocarina playing!

Logically there will eventually be a next-gen pawheld based on PS3 technology once they find a way to miniaturise it.

In a way, homebrew handheld gaming isn't new, since one could develop Game Boy games (original / advance) on a PC and then burn the code onto a blank cart (EPROM I think rather than Flash memory) in order to play it on the move in the actual machine. It's just become a bit easier to make console homebrews these days.

My own prediction for the future of handhelds is that they will sense paw movements hovering over the screen instead of having to physically touch it with a stylus.
Ahh! I was thinking in the Pokemon line. ^_^ (And there was that rather fun TF tale, too, from Von Krieger - Katia's Pokethulhu Adventure part 2 =:)

I'm definitely looking forward to that PSP modchip. The hardware's really quite nifty stuff, even if undocumented as far as the great unwashed are concerned. I'd like to see something like a touchscreen on the PSP2 - it's a very pleasant controller method, as Animal Crossing: Wild World shows, being able to just choose any arbitrary direction and speed. Maybe they'll take a cue from the Wii controller - would be fun to have a racer like Wipeout Pure be affected by the angle you hold the PSP at. ^_^

(Wonder if there's any good pinball for the PSP yet? ISTR there's a couple good ones for the DS - and the dual screen format would seem ideal for such a game)

True, there are Flash versions of such GBA carts now, as mycroftb can attest. Handy for the odd cheat, like gaining all the golden tools and however many millions of Bells you want. ^_^ Such a pity Sony continues to try sealing up the PSP as far as possible, but there's a fairly active homebrew scene for it (and the DS too, I believe) regardless, via pre-2.50 firmware and the GTA:LCS saved game exploit for more recent units. 'Course, there are units deliberately left open for homebrew, like the GPX2, but then you lose all software house support.
If I could choose a pokemon form, I think I might elect for Dragonite. It has cuteness, flight and power in a single package! "Woop!" *waves antenna*

It's a shame that like kittens and puppies, pokemon can get uglier when they evolve.
Definitely Snorlax.

Yeah, he's usually a little lazy, and he eats everything in sight, but they have good HP, and, well... you piss one off, bad move. (Ever seen the episode where Ash's Snorlax punches this huge rock pokemon bigger than the snorlax is (forget which one exactly) so hard it goes flying into the air and off past the horizon? Yeah.)
Plus physical attacks tend to bounce off their tummy and they can use hyper beam. :)
Hey, the flag's a lot nicer than what I originally thought at first glance - but I guess my opinion of the Bush administration doesn't really sell vodka, so it's all good.
Well, there is that little description of the scene in the bottom left.. I'm guessing they're not aiming this campaign at Iowa and Alabama? =:) So maybe it would. ^_^

Wonder when we'll finally see realistically humanoid robots? We still seem almost as far away now as people were hoping back in the 1950s, especially as far as plausible AI goes. And we're seeing just how nifty natural muscles are, for such a broad range of forces (coupled with touch sensitivity), fast reacting, cool, quiet, and energy efficient. Still, clunky as they may be, Asimo and similar robots are showing bipedalism is attainable artificially. But we're a little way off RL All is Full of Love..
I'd be remiss, given this posting is full of bunnies, cybermen and robotics, if I didn't point out today's nocona. Which you've seen already, of course, but it's new to everybody else..

Oh, is it time for that one already? Yay! ^_^ (Odd - right now, it's just bringing up the special white ink version)

I do hope we get to meet the Cybermen (first typed as Cubermen. Hmm =:) again - in particular, there seem to be plenty of story possibilities now that they've all got their full personalities back, which was seemingly never an option with the originals.
This CD worries me: "Sherlock Holmes Meets Doctor Who: Music for Brass and Saxophone".
(Deleted comment)
I'd be ordering a big one and a tall flagpole. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Another reason I'd love to have a proper wide-format inkjet. ^_^ (Shame they're always so expensive.. suppose it's a matter of economies of scale, plus the way they give away the desktop inkjets and gouge people on the cartridges instead)

I've got to get in touch with Svedka and find out if there are any plans for a TV spot. ^_^
Resize it, print it out big split across multiple pages with nearly any sort of printer, transfer to some screening, and DIY screenprint it onto a bunch of flags. :)
I've got to admit I find the fact that there's a special code for "bitten or struck by crocodile or alligator" more unexpected than the fact that there's one for "bitten by rat". I mean... rat bites are probably reasonably common, given the sheer number of rats in the world. But crocodile bites? I'd assume that there's much less of those (although the average number of bites per crocodile is probably higher than the average number of bites per rat). Ah well. Interesting in any case. :)

And nice to hear that there'll be more Futurama, too - I just hope it'll actually be good, as opposed to being done only for the money. :)
It'd be interesting to dig into the reasoning that led to those special categories - presumably, there's either a probabilistic or medical justification that'd make them worthwhile, rather than just being bundled in with the rest of us. I still want to see a code for "nibbled by bunnies", though.

I hope this new season's in addition to the previously announced direct-to-DVD ones, too. I think that's the case, as I thought the DVD ones were due next year.. I'll have to check on that. But Futurama definitely has a lot of potential left in it - far moreso than the Simpsons, long since on life support.
I want to see a code for "mauled by the Rabbit of Caerbannog". ;)

And yeah, the Simpsons should definitely end - the new seasons simply aren't worth watching anymore. They were a great show, but they jumped the shark a long time ago...

I was wondering what they were going to do with those old episodes of Doctor Who. I used to watch it as a kid and recently got interested again with the new series.

Man,I don't think I've seen anything by Cosgrove-Hall since the 80's though. That's going to be crazy to watch.
It's really good to see how the success (and how! I'd been worried when news of it came out that they'd sneak it into some quiet midweek slot, but no - 7pm Saturday, BBC 1 - the absolute peak of primetime) of the new series has propelled them into remastering and releasing many more from the catalog. Indeed, there's even a three disc set of the very first adventures, with William Hartnell, from 1963. (I was watching one from that era last week - The Space Museum. So very different, yet still undoubtedly Doctor Who)

Speaking of C-H, did you manage to see any of the two Discworld adventures they animated? (Soul Music and Wyrd Sisters. Not sure if it's still the case, but the R1 version of Wyrd Sisters looked like a second-rate VHS transfer, whilst the R2 of Soul Music was fine. Hopefully they've fixed that) Surprisingly well done, especially for a TV production - and Christopher Lee as Death was absolutely inspired casting. Brilliant. ^_^
There's an even better randition oy the start of Doctor Who:

OK, Maybe that screenshot's not so descriptive, but XScreensaver's new TimeTunnel hack's basically a simulation of the old intro.
Ahhhh. ^_^ I should fetch that too - as I recall, jwz's been diligent in maintaining the OS X version of Xscreensaver. Not that I use any of them actually as screensavers - just cool ambient demos. ^_^ Hyzenthlay's "idle" CPU time goes on BOINC projects. Though maybe I should let something low-powered, like Big Clock, take over, given LCDs can exhibit burn-in after a lot of use - Bunny's screen does show signs of the menu bar, and various applications' options, notably OmniWeb's. ^_^;

Reminds me, I need to get hold of some low capacity drive for Bunny sometime, to replace the deceased Travelstar 14GS. It's not a primary system, but still, it'd be nice to have it up and about again, even if just as a backup system. (I'd sell it, but it's so old at this point that it'd almost be like trying to sell a sub-20" CRT monitor)
BOINC's on Fowler and Ginger, too. But I've found that Avast! has a clever passthrough screensaver. It scans the hard drive while running another screensaver (BOINC).

I'm surprised that no-one's come up with a way to save screens while still working. For example, a gradient (like Windows' title bar) that slowly rotates over the course of, say, an hour. Just enough variation to stimulate the pixels, without being annoying.
.. and via patch_bunny:

Are you sure?
Hahah yep dial up.....I live in the stone age over here!
Psycho Bondage Bunnies.. sad to say, I've actually come across and played that one before. Had issues with the controls being a bit... not as responsive as I'd like, and after a few deaths, I wandered off. ::coughs:: stupid porno game...
~hands the kitty some halo polish~ ^_^

BTW, tried Enigmo 2? I'd imagine the demo version's much like the first, letting you play the first ten levels. Mostly pretty easy up to level 6, but that one brings depth into play, making the game a bit unwieldy in control - the problem with the game's that, at first, you spend much more time working out what the pieces do, rather than accomplishing the goal. Maybe I'll take another crack at it tonight - it's quite an appealing game visually, especially where the magnetic attractor comes into play.. lots of shinies. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
*giggle* Oh, schnee noticed too - I'm just hoping everyone else had already seen the news, rather than exhibiting a lack of refined televisual taste. =:)

I took to the show very quickly - the first episode was enough to tell me I was going to enjoy this. And it lived up to that promise. ^_^ (I also enjoyed the way there were various threads of continuity, notably Leela's background being explored and eventually revealed, then built upon. A nice change from the Simpsons, where everything's reset at the end of the episode, save for Lisa's vegetarianism. I appreciate the moral basis for such a diet, but I'd find it very difficult) "I don't want anyone to think we're robosexual."

Interesting to see it's CC picking it up - both from the point that they've somehow managed to secure the rights off Fox, and that they're interested in more original programming. Gods know, animation's not a cheap business, unless they're just going to clone Bernard Derriman a few times and have it all animated in Flash. =:)
It's so easy to make fun of ICD-10.  There's a special code for "bitten by man's best friend" (although medically there is little difference in being bitten by a dog or a cat), but raccoons & skunks (main carriers of rabies in some areas) get "bitten by a mammal that lives on land"—a meaningless bureaucratic slice through the animal kingdom.

If a small furry house-dwelling creature bit me, I'd be more concerned about whether it was carrying Yersinia pestis than whether it was a mouse or a rat.  If a plague rat bites you, is that "contact with a venomous animal"?  If not, what about the monitor lizard, which acts like a venomous animal (bites you, then walks away to wait for the poison to take effect) but all it's got is a mouthful of nasty bacteria.

If you are poked by a platypus, is that X27 (other specified venomous animal) or X29 (other unspecified venomous animal)?
s/monitor lizard/Komodo dragon/
Clearly, rats and crocodiles have highly effective lobbying groups at work.

I wonder what became of the idea of airdropping rabies vaccine-impregnated food pellets in the wild? I recall that being proposed as a simple and relatively economical means of immunising wildlife against the disease, saving them and humans from the scourge. ISTR the pilot was then (1990? Somewhere in that timeframe) being conducted somewhere in Canada.
1994 in France.  Food-pellet vaccine distribution was still being tried in 2000.