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Want to put in a word for TTA on DVD? masem pointed out there's going to be a live chat here with four WB executives responsible for DVD releases, today (Tuesday, June 6), 8-11pm EDT.

Disney "morals of the story". ^_^ You'll never think of Cinderella quite the same way..

If you're a Bugs (or Lola) fan, you might want to check out this pair of Lola & Bugs champagne flutes. They're a little difficult to find, even on eBay, and they are very nice glasses. (I have a pair, yes =:)

The Impossible Planet - well, plenty of niggling flaws, but excellent atmosphere. Highly recommended. And still another few days until the concluding part.. definitely one to watch with a good sound system, or at least reasonable headphones.

Well, poo. I can't get onto SL, as this update is another mandatory one - and the download won't. (Anyone know how the Universal Binary version's working out in real usage, in terms of stability and framerate?)

Mmm. Nothing like a tin of tuna with curry ketchup before bed. ^_^ (And a slice of wholemeal with French cream cheese)

If you mean getting on SL using Linux, theres an update/patch on Wens I think *still not seen you on there*

porsupah <> Linux!

Mmm. Nothing like a tin of tuna with curry ketchup before bed. ^_^ (And a slice of wholemeal with French cream cheese)
Now that may just solve the energy crisis!
Oh, I've nothing against Linux. ^_^ Very handy OS. But currently, yep, it's OS X all the way here. Well, okay, I might admit to the copy of XP under Virtual PC - fully legitimate, too, I'm sorry to say. =:)

Actually, I did have Linux on Raccoon (my old PB5300c) at one point, but being a bit of an old system by then, it was more of a "can it be done?" matter - the PB5300 suffered badly from the lack of any L2 cache, so it was much slower than its clock would suggest.

Now that may just solve the energy crisis!

Now you come to mention it, I have been getting into something of a baked beans phase lately.. when did you say you're visiting? =:)
I am now reminded of the episode of "Johnny Test" I saw on Cartoon Network last night (first episode I've seen).

"Posterior Energy Bursts" or, as someone else put it, "Flaming Poots"
*giggle* Now there's an acronym I'll have to file away for later polite conversation. =:)

One can only hope bunny poots aren't as toxic as canid ones can be.. oy veh! There are many things I remember about our old golden retriever, and that's certainly one of them.. O.o;;
Apparently Linux and those old LC-II I have are /not/ combineable. But I hear that if I jam a FPU into it (68882), I can install NetBSD (not any other BSD though) on it... (I've never used BSD, but I hear it's similar to Linux...)
More a case of Linux being similar to *BSD, ne? ^_^ Certainly, there are lots of similarities - it wouldn't be difficult at all to get used to NetBSD, versus Linux.

I did have a IIcx I was intending to get a router/firewall distro of Linux onto, and even obtained two Nubus ethernet cards (stuffed with chippery!), before losing enthusiasm for the project, when I worked out how much the thing would cost in electricity, against a modern router. (And the fact I basically only had one system active anyway. And two connections, so the desktop could hop onto the PacHell DSL, while Bunny played away on Ricochet) So I wound up just leaving it be, only quite recently picking up a WiFi router/modem from 3Com - tiny, efficient, and cheap. Not so bad.

It's maybe just as well I don't have any space here, and move around a fair bit, otherwise I'd be prone to collecting early home computers, like the Superboard and AIM-65.. ^_^
But it could be, it should be, it would be that way!
--Dr. Seuss, Horton Hatches the Eng.
Nopenope, OS X. Though it would be fun to get something else installed on at least one of the systems here.. maybe Ocelot, as I could do with clearing off the drive anyway, and shifting it over to Tiger. 60GB drive, yet it's always close to full, despite not being a primary system any longer - I'm just a digital packrat. =:)

Hopefully the update server'll reappear soon.. then again, maybe fetching the installer directly will circumvent the problem? Woohoo! No problem. ^_^
Perfect icon! I am in awe.
*grin* It did seem awfully apropos.

(I really need to try making an animated icon or two myself. First, though, I need to work out how to crop identically sized areas from successive frames. Maybe GraphicConverter can be told to batch process a movie using a crop filter)
TTA on DVD? Like my big Rescue Rangers box set?

Does this mean I don't need to buy those bootleg VCDs of it that I've been looking at for a while?
I'd like to see Road Rovers released personally : )

BTW not seen you on SL in awhile
I've got something like two thirds of TTA in reasonable quality here, if you'd like. ^_^

AFAIK, there aren't any plans yet for its release - that's why I pointed out the chat. They've presumably got all the masters kicking around in the vaults, and they must be somewhat sympathetic, given Animaniacs is finally starting to appear, along with the P&tB spinoff.

Hafta check if I've got Two-Tone Town in that lot. There really were some good eps in the brief third season. And HISMV was a superb way to bow out.. got that (or had, rather) on PAL and NTSC VHS, and LD. ^_^ (And now in a form I can actually watch now, courtesy of razzlfraz =:)
LD? Cool. NTSC or PAL LD?

Oddly enough, I actually have an old LD player. Complete with manual disc flipping, and an annoying buzz in one speaker on AC3 discs. (it doesn't understand that AC3 audio is digital and tries to play the digital stream as analog audio) :D

...now if only I could find a Speed II or better Betamax player that isn't @#$% BROKEN! (A Speed III one w/Stereo sound would be awesome... and I know they've been made...)

...as for the TTA you have, what format? AVI? MPEG? Does it need "DivX ;)"? Is it an iso? (and if so, a VCD or DVD iso?) Is it on actual disc/tape/whatever?

Although actually, I've been working on uprgading some of my VHS to DVD, I need to sell the VHS tapes I have that're dupes of DVDs I have...

...I should stop rambling now I suspect...
All my laserdiscs are NTSC. ^_^ The player too, though I could stand to pick up a replacement at some point - on the other paw, it'd probably be more sensible to just capture them (about thirty in all, I think) and run them through the H.264 sausage machine. Laserdiscs were really nice, but I strongly value portability, and that's not one of LD's strongest characteristics. =:)

The TTAs I have - mostly just MPEG-4 video, MP3 audio, AVI container, I think. Around 130MB or so per episode.

How have you been converting your tapes - video capture and computer compression, or a DVD recorder? The latter seem to be coming close to DVD player prices. ^_^ Though what the quality's like at moderate (say, 4Mbps) bitrates, in realtime, I'm not sure - about the only result I've seen from such has been at very bitrate, which looked about as good as you'd expect.

Wonder if anyone's selling a standalone H.264 converter yet.. :-9
Converting? Err, I've been /replacing/. In many cases upgrading from pan-and-scan to widescreen, or sometimes from dubbed to subbed, in the process. :)

Which is H.264 again? Is that the one where I need the very newest version of QuickTime? Because I got annoyed at that one and downgraded. every time I closed a file or the player, it asked if I wanted to "Save the changes to the file" or some such thing! A) Since when does /playing/ a video constitute a /change/??? B) Why is a /player/ changing things anyways?!?

To be honest, a DVD I could use on the bigscreen TV in the other room would be the most useful format to me. But DVDs don't fit into NICs (or Ethernet cables) too well, do they? :/
Ahh! Okay. I'd imagine by now everything I've got is available on DVD, maybe with the odd exception - there wasn't a non-P&S version of Babe for a long while, but I think I did spot one a little while ago. The Lion King, of course, has finally seen a proper DVD release, with most, if not all, of the extras in the box set (which I bought before the player =:). Most likely I'll wind up just digitising and compressing them, given I've managed fine without seeing them for a few years now - seems a bit silly to spend money replacing them. (Though I'd first need some kind of capture device - most likely either a DV bridge, or even a DV camcorder, given there's little difference in price between them, at the low end)

H.264 is MPEG-4 Part 10, so any reasonably modern player will know about it. QT7, VLC, and Mplayer are amongst them, and there's probably plugins for others that don't include it out of the box. As for the player bug, did you submit a bug report? Obviously, just playing a file doesn't change it. (Bear in mind, though, that a Pro key does enable rudimentary editing - cut & paste, track extraction/deletion, size adjustment, and so on. It's not purely a player as such, though Apple persists in wanting money to turn that on, along with - inexplicably - fullscreen playback. Easily worked around, though - the APIs are all well documented, so there are other QT players that exist basically to offer fullscreen playback. And iTunes can play fullscreen for free. As can VLC and Mplayer, of course =:)

Maybe your DVD player does support AVI playback? Quite a few do, it seems, but my DVD playback's exclusively on the PowerBooks, so I've not paid attention to how widespread a feature that is. Maybe an old laptop could be pressed into service as a digital media player for the TV? Wouldn't need to be particularly fast, after all, unless you went into the realm of HDTV. The requirements start racking up quickly then.. ^_^; (That said, it seems like a single 2GHz Core Duo can manage 1080i fine. Sadly beyond the reach of Hyzenthlay, though whether that's due to processor demands, or the comparatively low bus speed, I've not investigated)
On the computer, I use Media Player Classic (mplayerc.exe) to watch DVDs. On the TVs we have an older PS2 (pre-IR-port model) with the component video cable, and I have a CyberHome CH-DVD 300 (which I've regionfreed with the code you input with the remote control of course.)
Oh, give VLC a try too! Good app, and no need to bother with any plugins - it'll handle just about anything you care to throw at it, from Cinepak, to H.264 with AC3 in a Matroska container. ^_^

Yay region-free players! Sadly, I can't seem to find any such firmware for the UJ-846 in Hyzenthlay. Still, VLC and Mplayer ignore all that completely, so it's not a problem. (Indeed, it's been sufficiently long ago I last used the Apple DVD Player on Hyzenthlay that I'm not sure if I've ever set the drive's region)
I've got VLC. I mostly use it for streaming audio/video, and for video files that are too damaged for mplayerc...
The Cinderella Topping gave me the idea of putting my mate and Cindy side by side nood on hands and knees and, while blindfolded, I have to top-test them to find out which is which.

"Ewww, that's not ass!"

A somewhat different version of the Pepsi Challenge? =:)
"Just for the taste of it!"
I think i may be missing something?
Extract from 'morals of the story' link:

Lulu says, "Man, I'm just never going to top Sleeping Beauty."
Lulu says, "Ever."
Lulu says, "...Er. No pun intended."
Karilei was about to say.
Proof! Indisputable proof that bunnies don't have toepads! PROOF, I say!
yes, sir! no leathery toepads on this rabbit here... :P
bunny feet
*chuckles at the bunny butt*
I still have a lingering lust for Lola Bunny, but that's a tad out of my price range this week. :-)
Interesting bunny view. ;-)

Though I'll pass on the tuna with curry ketchup. Three ingredients that don't go together IMHO.